about acculture

acculture is a company, started by Friedhelm Janzen in 2014 after numerous years of working in the field of intercultural exchanges, training, coaching and organizational development. 

For more information on his professional background please visit (and connect) on LinkedIn.

Driven by his educational and professional background in intercultural exchange programmes he sets out to share his experiences and non-formal-learning-approaches to serve companies, universities and individuals who realize the need and benefit of proper preparation and coaching of people who are about (or already have started) to live and work in a culturally different environment.

Being a relative newcomer on the dutch market, acculture is nonetheless well connected with national and international practitioners of intercultural trainings and is ready to deliver state-of-the-art trainings and coaching services, being ready to cooperate with colleagues from other disciplines and cultures to cater for diverse needs and settings.